‘Before We Leave’ Assures a Lighter Online Game


If you are tired of playing hostile online games, the ‘Before We Leave’ game will surely hit you by storm.

In this new online game, the player will just have to build a universe, establish a civilization, and create a planet. While some not-so-frightening enemies will disturb you from time to time, they will not cause you any annoyance, at all. Why? Well, you can defeat them without using nukes, high-powered firearms, or some superb punches.

Based on some game stem made available for demo online, the onset of this game is marked by people coming out from the earth’s core. Yes, the characters are literally sprouting from beneath the ground. The ‘drama’ of this game starts when the characters, who lived long underground, will realize how long they isolated themselves from the earth’s civilization. Then, there will be some burst of urgency from the characters, and they will start to build their huts, plant crops, and wander uphill to find a living.

As the people expanded their communities, they will reach out to more places and will even make their own continents. And once they formed different continents, they will find means to build their own planet.

Another twist of this game will happen when the inhabitants recalled some traumatic events in the past. The painful recollections will keep them reminded of the very reasons why they isolated themselves for long years. But of course, the characters need to be tough and proceed with their effort to create more continents, planets, and universe.

Along with their campaign, they will meet some of the ‘cool’ odds, including the space whales. These whales only comprehend one language, and the challenge is for you to keep the conversation well and sound.  Once you failed to communicate with the space whales, they will eat your planets.

These are just some of the thrills that you’ll get once you play with this new game. Just always be on the lookout so that you’ll install this game immediately once it is released to the public.